About Us

Lowcountry Angels is an active group of accredited investors in and around Charleston, South Carolina. 

Our members help evaluate potential portfolio companies for investment, putting to use their broad range of successful business experiences and professional talents.


LCA met for the first time in April 2015 to combine the entrepreneurial culture, investor expertise, and mentoring talent of investors in the Charleston area. 



The group is a collaboration between SCAN leadership and a number of Lowcountry residents that wanted access to the largest angel group in the state. Their commitment has led to the creation of Lowcountry Angels.  The group is led locally by Eric Thome.



The group meets every month, by invitation only. To attend a meeting please contact us or sign up for the next meeting on our events page. To pitch to the group, please review our process.

You can learn more about the group's meeting activities and goals here.



Members can access our deal flow and portfolio platform by signing in to Proseeder.